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Apparently the economy has hurt the folks at NBC so much that they cannot afford a dictionary. Or maybe their time is too valuable to actually look up a definition before speaking complete fallacies.

During a report on the recent ACORN scandal Norah O’Donnell of NBC News stated that the sting videos “might be viewed as entrapment”.

No, Norah, it can’t be because as the definition states, entrapment is when a law enforcement officer or government agent induces or encourages a person to commit a crime when that person expresses that they do not want to do so. Entrapment is based on who caused the encouragement for the act.

In these ACORN tapes it is clear that the encouragement was not by the “government agents” but instead with the ACORN volunteers.

What makes this wordplay even funnier is that NBC is also the producing network of the entrapment trainwreck called To Catch a Predator. There have been numerous claims of the show’s decoys being the first to suggest sex, meaning that a show acting in conjunction with the government crossed into the fuzzy area of entrapment.

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  1. Jeff #
    September 17, 2009

    Agreed. No entrapement here, at least not in the legal sense. Acorn should concern itself with cleaning up it’s act.

  2. Jeff #
    September 17, 2009

    Speaking of media incompetence, here’s a beauty (from a lawyer’s perspective) from the WSJ op-ed page from none other than Andrew Napolitano, the senior judicial analyst at Fox News. It makes me wonder if this guy even has a law degree.

    It’s ashame the WSJ would allow this to be printed. I have no problem with the WSJ offering a conservative perspective (I usually appreciate their viewpoint) but I thought they had at least some minimal standards for accuracy, even on the op-ed side of the paper. Could this be Murdoch’s influence?

  3. Don #
    September 20, 2009

    MSNBC is crazy. I can’t believe any members of the mainstream media would defend an organization that is so blatantly criminal.

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