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Ok, to me, basic business theory should be that if there is an easier, cheaper way to get something done then the company should do it that way. Some of the things I have been doing are complete overkill and part of it has to do with the technology I am limited to using. Don’t get me wrong, Microsoft’s .NET technology is great, but it is simply overkill for some projects that I have been working on recently. Why would I want to write 200 lines of code when 30 can get the same job done faster, cheaper, and more efficiently. The thought process behind all this boggles my mind. How can a company be so one-techonology centric?

Basic common sense would dictate that to be successful a business would need to branch it’s horizons and become a powerhouse rather than too focused. It is somewhat depressing. Secondly, if your primary client is a large company, don’t you think you would branch out and find more clients? Aren’t you somewhat shooting yourself in the foot with one client?


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