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Well, since I am really getting desperate for a job, I think that working for a cell phone company would be fun. I guess sales would be the best, probably for Sprint or Cingular.

I think I’ll go Monday and see if they have anything available. The problem with me is that I don’t want a job where I deal with whiny people. Maybe sales will get me away from that… who knows.

Lyndsay and I watched “The Hot Chick” and “Stealing Harvard” last night… “The Hot Chick” was funny at times but a little slow. I think Lyndsay liked it more than me, but oh well, it was funny. “Stealing Harvard” was a little dumber and kind of dissappointing… There were some funny parts but altogether it was boring. I will say that watching either one was better than watching “Moulin Rouge”. Lyndsay knows what I am talking about 😉


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