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Well, my dad finally caved in and got DSL. It is working pretty well and it is nice to have a connection that is comparable to the one I had at school.

My truck’s transmission went out, so I am having to get a rebuilt one put in. That should be ready to go on Tuesday. I haven’t been able to drive in almost a week and it is getting annoying. I like my mom’s car, but for only one reason, the sound system. It beats mine by a long shot and if I could get one like it put in my truck for cheap, I would.

Lyndsay mentioned something about going to the museum district so I think I will take her to go do that. I am not a huge museum fan but I do like looking at some of the stuff and if we go together it’ll be fun. Personally, I am ready to go back down to Surfside beach and catch some rays… I need to start running every morning and get myself in better shape. Apparently my mom thinks that getting a job is more important. I can agree with her to a point because I need the money, badly. Then again, I really want to have the “do nothing” summer…


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