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The Grouchy Chef

Before you get to the menu, you first have to get through the manifesto.

It’s a binder of rules presented to diners at Mukilteo’s Grouchy Chef restaurant.

No shoveling food in your mouth like at some cheap eatery (or at home).

No blowing your nose or fixing your makeup at the table. No clinking crystal glasses. No shorts. No sandals. No personal requests. No frills. No substitutions.

Don’t like it?

Eat elsewhere, said Takayuki Masumoto, the chef with the curmudgeonly persona.

Interesting dining concept. I especially love that Chef Masumoto is doing four-course dinners for $15. Maybe if I get some time I will have to make a trip to Snohomish County.

Tomorrow, January 27, will see a big announcement come out of the Apple compound. A lot of people are predicting a tablet computer while others are saying the announcement will be a new handheld media device, the one thing everyone agrees on is that whatever it is could be a game changer.

This draws the skeptic out of me. I tend to think that it will be a tablet but is that enough of a “new” device to be a game changer? The Kindle was a game changer because it was so focused on books, magazines, and newspapers and has an ease of use that has not been matched. Carrying all of your books on a single device everywhere you go is huge.

If the news that comes out of the Apple event is related to a video and reading device, it may be bigger than the Kindle. My hope is that it is a device just as beautiful as the new Macbooks and easy to use like the Kindle. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

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