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Swiftwater Seafood Cafe - Whittier, Alaska + high-res version

After queuing for a while, we drove through the single highway lane Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel and emerged in Whittier, Alaska. It was lunch time and hunger was starting to overtake us so made a pit stop at Swiftwater Seafood Cafe. It is a tiny place but the fish and chips was delicious and they had cold Alaskan Brewing Company beers ready and waiting. It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed our lunch on the patio, watching a couple of cruise ships leave the small port before petting a reindeer and waiting in the queue for the next crossing through the tunnel.

The Nothingness

There is something about visiting places with few inhabitants. Maybe I just get tired of city life and I’m simply drawn to the middle of nowhere but some of my favorite places in the world are far away from any kind of city. Sure, everyone wants to go see sites, eat the food, etc. in big cities, but I urge people to take some time to visit the less beaten path. Far west Texas and New Mexico, rural Alaska, Montana, and the Appalachians are just a few of the places in the United States that I recommend.

It’s hard to describe what it is. I just know I love it.