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Stephan Taking Pictures in Big Bend State Park is the work of Stephan Segraves, a developer and consultant, an ardent reader, a “for fun” photographer, a frequent flier and most importantly, a Christian. Over the last couple of years he has become a knowledgeable source of information for cheap travel and caveats in the airline industry as well as a data evangelist, helping organizations understand the value of all of the data they have collected. He and his wife currently reside in Portland, Oregon.

He currently writes at and on various other websites, for which you will occasionally see links. Stephan is also a co-host for the Dots, Lines, and Destinations Podcast, a travel podcast devoted to discussing adventures around the world as well as aviation news. Previously, Stephan co-hosted on the SitePoint Podcast.

There is no rhyme or reason to the some of the content you will see posted here, a lot of it is the random thoughts and links that Stephan comes up with during the day. The direction that this site takes is more focused on the direction forward rather than the path we left, though Stephan likes to reference history… A lot.

The site is run using WordPress with a number of plugins.

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The ideas and opinions here are those of Stephan and Stephan alone. They do not represent the ideas or opinions of his employer.