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On my recent flight between Washington-Dulles and Tokyo’s Narita airport I encountered something that I do not completely understand. The flight arrives into Tokyo at 3:25pm, 13 hours after leaving Washington. About an hour and a half before arrival a meal is served. In business class it looks like this:


It’s a not so appetizing breakfast (more on the not so appetizing part at a later date).

What I don’t get is why United is serving breakfast for a middle of the day arrival. Sure, most people sleep for part of the flight, but I find breakfast when I’m arriving a few hours before dinner to be a bit odd. Even more strange is that Seth, who was on the same flight, said they received a noodle lunch dish in coach.

Any ideas on why United does this? Do other airlines serve breakfast on USA-Asia flights that arrive in the middle of the day?



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  1. Joanna #
    September 20, 2012

    Can’t answer your question, but the same exact thing happened to me when I flew thru Narita on my way to Seoul. That was probably the most disgusting meal I’ve had on-board any flight. I was surprised that they served it in Business class. Omelette made with chopsticks. It still kind of makes my stomach churn.

    • Stephan Segraves #
      September 24, 2012

      I’ve found the food on the old-UA flights to be worse than those flights on old-Continental planes. The catering is still a little different and it shows. My meal from Tokyo to Houston was fantastic.

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