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In a couple of weeks I will be flying Houston to Singapore via Washington-Dulles and Tokyo-Narita. The one-way journey takes 27 hours and puts me into Singapore a full day and a half after I leave. The departure time from Dulles is 1:15pm and arrival into Singapore is 11:55pm (Day+1). My strategy for fighting jet lag on this journey is to take a 5-6 hour nap on the Dulles-Tokyo segment, arriving into Tokyo around 3:35pm. Then, from Tokyo to Singapore, I will try to stay awake the entire time so that I am sleepy on arrival into Singapore. The return flights via Hong Kong and Chicago don’t have me nearly as worried as I’m sure I’ll be worn out when I return to Houston no matter when I choose to sleep.

Houston-Singapore - Great Circle Mapper

My time in Singapore is limited and I am torn as to shift my body clock on to Singaporean time or just sleep when tired and explore the city when wide-awake. What would you do?


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