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I have been spending the last few weeks working on a few projects, one of which is now out in the wild. It is called PointsHoarder and it is a podcast about all things points and travel related. Seth, Fozz, and myself are recording the show every two weeks and I am trying to release them as soon as I can get them edited and ready for the internet.

The three of us have been friends for nearly five years. We fly together, meet up in different cities when we can, and chat in different travel related forums around the internet. The idea for the podcast was thrown around for a little while before I just said, “let’s record one show and see how it goes”. I thought it went well and they both agreed, so we’re devoting an evening every other week to record it.

The content is mostly airline related since that is where our passion really is, but we talk about hotels and rental cars as well. The goal is to share our understanding of different aspects of the travel industry to help listeners create a better trip for themselves.

We are still working on a proper logo and other small items, but the shows are being posted and you can subscribe in iTunes.

I am really happy with what we are doing so far, Seth and Fozz have a wealth of knowledge and they are both fun guys to talk to about travel. Give the show a listen and let me know what you think!


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