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Elemental Blend

During my sophomore year of college I came across an ad looking for a web developer to work on sites for a small company. I decided to give it a go and sent in a resume. To my surprise I was granted an interview and showed up at the business, which, at that time was situated in a house on 24th and Boston in Lubbock, Texas. I was skeptical, but when I met Tim and Josh and saw the motivation they had to make the company succeed, I was sold. They saw something in me too and gave me the job.

There were some long days of coding back then but we had a good time and enjoyed hanging out as much as we enjoyed work.

I left what was then Segars Communications to try my hand at the corporate world and during that time, Tim, Josh, and Brandon, a developer who I met at Tech and became friends with and later referred to Tim, have grown the business, moved out of the house, moved from Lubbock to Austin,  and according to Tim, no longer work all day Saturday and Sunday. I think that’s a huge measure of success and the team at Elemental Blend have a lot to be proud of.

Ten years for any company is a long time, but as they point out in their blog post, a small business surviving that long is quite a feat. Their hard work, persistence, and positive outlook is proof-positive that small businesses can and do succeed. I am glad we got to catch up with them this past weekend and hopefully we’ll be able to see each other a little more since Houston is only a few hours away.

Congratulations guys! Here’s to ten more years of success!


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