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Another year has gone by and I have aged a little more.

Jessica and I share a birthday. Well, kind of. We are a year and a day apart, her birthday being February 28th and mine falling on the 29th. This year of course, is not a leap year, so we kind of share a birthday. I say kind of because I think the leap year concept really confuses a lot of people and they end up asking me when I celebrate my birthday or tell me it’s crazy (sometimes both). The truth is, I’m not a big birthday person so this year it was a nice quiet dinner at home and that’s ok with me.

It is a little strange being 27, it feels like just yesterday I was graduating from college. Time flies. I’ve traveled a lot, eaten a lot and met a ton of great people. Thank you all for the birthday wishes on Facebook and Twitter!

And happy birthday to my lovely wife!