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Tomorrow, January 27, will see a big announcement come out of the Apple compound. A lot of people are predicting a tablet computer while others are saying the announcement will be a new handheld media device, the one thing everyone agrees on is that whatever it is could be a game changer.

This draws the skeptic out of me. I tend to think that it will be a tablet but is that enough of a “new” device to be a game changer? The Kindle was a game changer because it was so focused on books, magazines, and newspapers and has an ease of use that has not been matched. Carrying all of your books on a single device everywhere you go is huge.

If the news that comes out of the Apple event is related to a video and reading device, it may be bigger than the Kindle. My hope is that it is a device just as beautiful as the new Macbooks and easy to use like the Kindle. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

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