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As much as Jess and I enjoy different hobbies, food is one of our passions. In every city or town we visit we try to find the restaurant or restaurants that have great tasting food. I guess you could call us non-professional “critics”.

Lately, our love of food has turned more to cooking rather than eating out. We have a great farmer’s market down the road from us and a bunch of little co-ops in the area. Two weeks ago we placed an order at a co-op to test the waters and see what produce came in the box. We received oranges, a nice sized mango, kale, lettuce, acorn squash, cilantro and some potatoes. Overall, not a bad box. The issue became what do we do with two of the ingredients that we have never tried, kale and pumpkin squash.

The search began for recipes for kale and there are a lot of different options, sauteing, soups, salads and everything in between. We settled on a kale and apple soup that at first we were a little hesitant to try due to the somewhat bitter flavor of kale. Having apple act as a sweetening element was also a little strange but Jessica decided to go for it and last night she whipped up a batch of the soup. Wow! What a great soup!

The picture does not do it justice, the color looks bad but the flavor and aroma of the soup was just fantastic.

Kale Soup

This dinner as an adventure thing is getting fun…


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