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There are few things that get under my skin more than businesses that post false reviews of themselves to create a better image. I’ve seen it done a whole host of ways, a family member reviews a product, store, or experience and posts it on a website. Web shoppers, being somewhat gullible, take the review as a valid one and sometimes base their purchases on it.

Reviewing yourself to boost business is an unbelievable practice, even if it is done by family or friends. In your day to day work, if a close friend of yours walked up to someone and told them about your store and how great their experiences was, do you think it alright to fail to inform that person that the opinion is biased? The thought of telling someone I liked a store without informing the listener that I was biased is, in the end, a poor way of doing business. If you cannot generate walkthroughs, purchases, or interest on your own, then maybe you should not be in business.


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