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Jessica and I will be flying to Amarillo tomorrow and driving to Lubbock for the Texas TechTexas football game.

When we purchased the tickets we had no idea how big this game would be, so we are very pleased to actually have tickets. It will be a fun weekend hanging out with our siblings and enjoying a Texas pastime!

The Transportation Security Administration in all of its infinite wisdom, has proposed to screen private aircraft.

The Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP) would require all U.S. operators of aircraft exceeding 12,500 pounds maximum take-off weight (almost all private aircraft) to implement security programs that would be audited by the TSA. This proposal is absurd and the private aviation lobby groups are up in arms.

Apparently, Kip Hawley has never visited a general aviation airfield. Citizens who use these facilities would be the first to report any suspicious or illegal activity as the activity is likely to affect them directly. All this move accomplishes is more red tape for people to go through to get on an airplane and go somewhere.

The cries of “Papers please, papers!” are slowly getting louder…

The pictures from our wedding and honeymoon have finally made it online. We apologize for the delay, the hurricane threw a kink in our uploading plans.

An Austin firm called I Do Photography photographed our wedding. They posted a slideshow and a gallery where you can view the pictures and order them. They did a wonderful job and we are extremely happy with the way the shots turned out!

I have posted separate galleries at Flickr. You can view the ceremony, reception, and the honeymoon.

If you have pictures from the wedding and would like to share them with us, just e-mail them to

Ike cut the cable line; Well, it made it possible for a passing truck to cut it. Needless to say, our home has been without cable for almost three weeks and it has been an interesting unintentional experiment in time management.

The old routine was an evening with at least one news program, a sitcom, and possibly an episode of Law & Order. A waste of time is the best way to describe it and without television I have more time than I know what to do with. Reading is our favorite pastime and now we are doing that even more, we are taking walks at night, and we are just enjoying the quiet.

Comcast is coming on Friday to fix the issue but I may just tell them we do not need their services…