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We are on our fourth day without power and though the lack of light does not bother us, the everyday things that we take for granted, like a blowdryer or coffee grinder, are sorely missed. It is a longing for “normal” that fills our day.

Our neighbors are in good spirits and keep us company when the days drag on. What an odd set of circumstances to set in motion the meeting of neighbors.

I think the nerves of some area residents have worn thin. We hear reports of people pulling knives at gas stations and threatening people while waiting for ice, though we have not witnessed such an occurrence. Our frustration with Centerpoint Energy has grown but we understand that their task is daunting.

The roof is in the first stages of getting fixed. If the recent beautiful weather, which has been a blessing, stays the roof may be finished in time for Jess to return to work.

That is all for tonight from a candlelit porch in the hurricane weathered town of Houston.


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