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Stuff; I keep it. For no reason at all, I have a habit of hanging on to things that are no longer needed, take up space, and look cluttered. How long have I been doing this? For as long as I can remember. The kicker is that it has trickled into my computer habits and now I find myself not deleting PDFs and having data spread out all over my harddrive.

This is bad practice, I know. I can admit it is a form of being a packrat, though I am not sure my room or computer desktop look like those pictures. My reasons for keeping things is purely the possibility needing something later in time, even though, in the back of my mind I doubt the need will materialize. I keep information brochures on things that will probably never be used, text documents containing flight information from three years ago and coupons for pizza that expired years ago.

So, after years of this type of behavior, I am working on just getting rid of stuff. During a recent flight I went through my computer harddrive and just started deleting things that were spread out everywhere. If I did not know what the file was by looking at the name and its location, it went in the trash. In my room, I’ve emptied a basket of papers that I no longer need and filed the ones I do. There is progress but it is sometimes difficult for me to part with something I think I may need or use in the future. I’ll keep trying.


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