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Before I start writing about the time Jess and I had in San Francisco I thought I would fill you in on an occurrence I am thinking of taking part in.

On September 9th, Continental is flying a Boeing 777 between EWR and SEA to put it in a position to be upgraded there or shuttled to Hong Kong for configuration there. They are selling seats on this portion to make some revenue from the flight and right now tickets are going for $400.

This has crossed my mind as a nice little mileage run, not because of the miles but because of the planes I would get to sit in. From Houston to Newark I would take a 757-200, stay the night in New Jersey, then take the 777 to Seattle. From Seattle I would head to Houston on a 737-800 and call it a night. The run would net me around 6,000 miles, which though not the greatest mileage for dollar, would still be a neat trip.

I haven’t decided if I am going to do it or not but should in the next few days. I also thought about flying first class on the Newark-Seattle section of the trip as there are a lot of seats, but I think I’ll just pray for an upgrade (unlikely).


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