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My personal use of MySpace has dwindled to almost nothing. For one thing, the usefulness of it has worn off. During college it was a good way to keep up with some of the people I didn’t see as much but wanted to keep in contact with. After college it served the same purpose, but it does a poor job of it.

Facebook is turning into the same clutter-ridden, time wasting, and overall useless site as more and more “applications” get introduced. It used to be, I could go on Facebook, grab an e-mail address and send a quick message, now I have to wade through all of the graffiti applications, zombie punching, and food fight junk just to get to the same information. This, coupled with the introduction of non college-aged users has lead to a decline in the use of Facebook for me. It’s just easier for me to keep all of my friends in my contact list than it is for me to try hunt down their information on these websites.

Music now plays in the background on certain Facebook pages and I am inundated with who to vote for on others, it just gets old…


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