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Life is fragile, so the one thing that irritates me more than anything else is when I see a child maneuvering freely in a moving vehicle. How do parents allow something like this?

This morning I watched two children, neither older than five years old, roll down the rear passenger window and stick their bodies halfway out of the car. The driver, who I assume was the parent, did not seem to mind at all. I wonder if they would have noticed if one of the children fell out.

Of all of the precautions a parent could take a seatbelt is the most simple. You buckle the child in, you tell them not to touch it, and you reprimand them if they do. Even better is a car seat. These parents who blow off the law will either be responsible for their child’s death or for that child’s misunderstanding of rules and authority.

I just cannot believe that something so easily preventable is ignored so very much.


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