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By now, the news that Roger Clemens will be returning to New York to play for the Yankees has reached almost everyone who cares about baseball.

Some have voiced their opinion over the matter and their disagreement with the move while Yankee fans think it could change things for them.

Here in Houston the mood is a little different. We are sad to see him go but at the same time cannot wait for the revolving door to hit him in the butt as he walks out. He is a great pitcher, when he’s on. When he’s off, you might as well write-off the game and hope for the best.

At some point you have to ask yourself, “Should I retire finally?” and I think Clemens has skipped over that and is now asking himself “Do you think they’ll let my skeleton pitch?”. I am sure if Hakeem Olajuwon announced that he would be making a comeback to the NBA, people would laugh him out of the press conference.

So, Yankees fans, you can have Roger. You can cheer him on while asking yourself, “Why am I paying $14 for a hot dog”, then remember that you have “The Rocket” and shovel another $12 to the vendor for your peanuts. I on the other hand will be enjoying the Astros with a half-priced hot dog and an all around good team, not a bunch of overpaid fellas with egos bigger than their batting averages.


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