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In the last few months I have narrowed down my reading list significantly, sticking only with things that I want to read and dropping all of the stuff that is not fulfilling. Recently I have found myself struggling to read everything, especially when I am subscribed to TUAW and Lifehacker (which get a lot of updates everyday).

The way I am handling this is by not reading everything in every feed, just reading what I want and then marking the entire feed as “read”.

Any other ways to deal with this problem?

It appears that British Airways does not want any of their customers to think of Virgin Atlantic as a better possibility. They have reportedly edited a cameo of Richard Branson (Virgin Atlantic’s founder) out of the James Bond film, Casino Royale.

British Airways has been suffering from bad press lately and this just shows that they may not be the best choice for airline when making your travel plans.

I happened to catch a glimpse of the film on my flight back from Boston and saw the scene that was edited. I guess Continental does not feel too threatened by Branson.

I am only going to make one post on the tragic events that enveloped the Virginia Tech community yesterday. My reason for this is that I feel the media is definitely covering it enough and I really do not want to give the killer any more face time than he is already getting.

For the next few weeks we will hear what could have prevented this incident, what the school could have done, what the school should not have done, and everything in between. In the end, all this is is an attempt by people to find some reason for why this happened and a proper area to place blame.

This is a tragedy with no plausible explanation, no matter how hard we try to come up with one. The 32 lives taken away yesterday will not be justified in any way by an explanation or blame. Instead, the blame and explanation will receive the majority of television time while the faces and stories of those who were killed will fade away… Sadly.

Sitting in a restaurant that we frequent entirely too much, we realized that the table next to us was filled with a few folks who had had a little too much to drink.

As we waited for our food to arrive we listened to their conversation for entertainment. I should note here, we were not eavesdropping, they were speaking loudly enough so that anyone within a ten-foot radius could clearly understand them.

Halfway through their conversation and they started discussing who does the lawn and who does not. One man (pictured here, second from the right) turned to his wife and said, in a deep southern accent, “You didn’t marry no yard man…Didjya?!”.

You didn't marry no yard man...didjya?!

He kept going, mentioning that he was not going to do shrubs or bushes and refuses to weed-eat, claiming that it is the worst part of the lawn.

At this point we were fighting to keep our laughter in and though our service that night from the restaurant was terrible, it was worth it because of this exchange.

I have been using Google Reader for a few months now and I have come to realize things that I would love to have in a feedreader.

For one thing, I would like to be able to “tag” feeds and specific articles in a feed for organization and easy lookup purposes. It is cumbersome to have to go and manually find an article down the road from when you read it originally, tagging would make the process a little better. Google currently has the “Star” feature, which is great, but it leaves articles all in the same category, “Starred”.

The folder/category concept in Google Reader is great but lacking. I would love sub-categories and the ability to temporarily disable a feed being updated.

The penultimate feature would have to be notes for articles. Adding a note to an article that I read, then sharing that article (and the note) would make life a lot easier. This leads into a small feature that would also make reading and sharing of articles much simpler, sing article sharing. Sometimes I come across a single article who’s parent “publication” has a feed. I do not necessarily want to subscribe to the entire feed, but instead the single article.

All of these features would make me an instant fan, in fact, I might even be willing to pay a small price to use those features. Suggestions?

A belated Easter greeting is due from me. I have been on somewhat of a hiatus because of work and just taking a break from computers to spend valuable time with important people.

I spent a few days in Catlettsburg, KY for work and enjoyed the crisp air of the mountains.

Other than that I have been working, working, working.

Jess took me to an Astros game for my birthday (pictures coming) and surprisingly we had a convincing win (I keep telling Jess it’s because she’s good luck). The Astros will need to keep it up if they hope to keep their fairweather fans around.

I hope everyone had a good Easter holiday and maybe, just maybe I will start getting better about writing more, though we all know how that type of promise has gone in the past.