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Let me just get it out there, I do not agree with everything that Dennis Miller says, but for the most part, I think he is spot-on.

This is proof:

He is right on the money and Rosie is being left-wing just to be left-wing, which I have no respect for. If she actually believed and stood behind the things that come out of her mouth, I may actually listen, but quite frankly, she makes me nauseas. Her question, “Don’t you believe democracy demands dissent?” is laughable. Democracy gives the freedom of dissent but what it is supposed to do is ensure debate on issues.

We do not need dissent to power democracy, it is merely a feature of the system. There have been plenty of times when dissent was not at the center of movement, but that is moving away from the norm because the minority beliefs are being given a louder voice, therefore encouraging dissent and it’s becoming harmful.


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