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Blog browsing and reading is a small portion of my day but one that I really enjoy. My blogroll right now consists of a fair amount of different topics, ranging from politics to technology to Apple to small business to cooking.

Yesterday I came to a crossroad. There is a blog that I read by a Yahoo! employee with topics ranging from MySQL to flying. I thoroughly enjoy his writing and until yesterday I did not mind a few little jabs that he took at organized religion and his politics. However, a link that he posted yesterday to an article about Christians just kind of slapped me in the face.

The article points out a new trend in Christian America with more and more girls choosing abstinence. The writer’s only comment was “hahahahaha”. I stared at that line for a minute, unsure what to think. I read the article again. It was obvious that he was attacking Christians and their beliefs.

While I believe in free speech and freedom of the press, I think there is a fine line between being objective and being flat out disrespectful. I am not asking for political correctness, I am asking for people to think about what they are posting and what objectives they hope to accomplish by posting it. Is it informative? Does the commentary lend itself to being useful or is it just personal dribble leaking into the main content?

This leads me to the next question, at what point do you stop reading a blog because the writer’s bias, apparent disrespect and mockery cloud the main point of the blog? I am tempted to drop this blog for a while and maybe, just maybe pick it up later. It is one thing to question beliefs with intelligent conversation but it is a completely different ballgame when the beliefs are mocked without question.

I am back at work in the Houston area after a much needed vacation to Boston, Massachusetts. The sights, tastes, and sounds of the area entice me to go back again. From Fenway Park to MIT, the entire city was amazing.

Jess and I spent about three and a half days there just exploring as much as we could and saw a great deal of history surrounded by modern conveniences. A great example was the cemetery in the center of the city that held the remains of a passenger on the Mayflower. The Mayflower! Just amazing stuff.

Transportation was easy on the “T” and allowed us to really walk the city where we wanted to but not have to trek everywhere.

All-in-all it was the best vacation I have been on in a long time (made possible of course by her)

You can view all of my shots from the trip here.

Let me just get it out there, I do not agree with everything that Dennis Miller says, but for the most part, I think he is spot-on.

This is proof:

He is right on the money and Rosie is being left-wing just to be left-wing, which I have no respect for. If she actually believed and stood behind the things that come out of her mouth, I may actually listen, but quite frankly, she makes me nauseas. Her question, “Don’t you believe democracy demands dissent?” is laughable. Democracy gives the freedom of dissent but what it is supposed to do is ensure debate on issues.

We do not need dissent to power democracy, it is merely a feature of the system. There have been plenty of times when dissent was not at the center of movement, but that is moving away from the norm because the minority beliefs are being given a louder voice, therefore encouraging dissent and it’s becoming harmful.

Starting tomorrow I will consider myself “on vacation” and will be focusing on preparing/packing for my trip to Boston with Jessica.

I will be back in Houston on Thursday, March 15th but will not be back in work mode until Sunday.

Look for a ton of photographs from the trip! 🙂

I will still be available via e-mail and cell phone if you need to reach me.

Today marks the 23rd anniversary of my birth, well, kind of. I was born on Leap Year in 1984, so my birthday is slightly strange. Most people ask me when I celebrate it and I usually reply with a sarcastic, “Whenever I want”, which isn’t true. For the most part I celebrate it February 28th or March 1st, depending on which is more convenient. During a Leap Year, a big celebration occurs, since I actually have a day to celebrate it on.

Does my birthday mean I am wiser or just older? Well, what has happened in the last year:

  1. I graduated from college
  2. I got my first job
  3. I quit my first job
  4. I made some great friends

And in the middle of all of it, I started dating a wonderful girl.

I have to say, it’s been a great year.