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I have now been in the Houston area two and a half weeks. During the transition I have been staying at my parent’s house which has worked out well, however, I am ready to move to a place of my own.

Finding an apartment in Houston has been difficult because quite frankly, I do not know exactly where I want to live. I have been using HousingMaps (great site) to find possible locations and relatively compare the different prices.

My original thoughts are to live either in the west portion of town (read, Katy), the northwest portion, or inside the loop somewhere near the Galleria. Why the Galleria area you ask? Well, for one, I would be going against traffic every morning and afternoon. Secondly, the area is much less “suburban” and more eclectic than the rest of Houston, especially near Rice.

As far as price range, a lot of the places in those areas are near what I want to pay, so now I just need to get out there and look.


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