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You know that feeling, when you are nervous but still want to do something? That is me when I go to get a haircut.

Haircuts are a huge risk. The barber can cut your hair too short, accidentally slip and cut higher on the sides, or in an attempt to fix something, completely screw up what you were hoping for.

But the haircut industry is one of those where you still have to pay the person, even if they make it worse or do not do what you want. There are no “do overs” but you still have to pay. At least when you go to a mechanic if they break something while working on your car they will go back and fix it. It turns the whole barbershop industry into a gamble.

The other downside is when you go to a chain place and the person that you usually have is cutting someone else’s hair, then you feel bad for the person who is ready to help you. It is like saying “you aren’t good enough” to them so I usually cave and let them try their hand on me.

I think they should give out redemption cards when they screw something up or when you are not satisfied with your haircut. It would make things a lot easier.


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