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Walking into the dry cleaners yesterday evening, I expected to leave within five minutes with the laundry that I left there that morning. Though it took more like 15 minutes to get my clothes, I had time to observe something that I had never noticed before.

In the cleaners with me were three other men, all mid-20’s to mid-40’s. All three were looking down at their cellphones, texting or reading a text message. I do not know if it was meant to make them look “cooler” as they stood there to pick up their laundry or if it was something to help them avoid awkwardly standing there in silence looking at each other.

Honestly, I think using a cell phone in a public place is rude, period, but that’s just me. I have answered my phone in a store and restaurant before but I usually excuse myself from the table or try to make my conversation as short as possible. Since when did it become socially acceptable to isolate yourself from the people standing next to you by operating your cell phone?


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