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Yes, it is true, I have clothes in my closet that I have had since high school. That is not the worst of it, I actually still wear some of these clothes. There are shirts from Structure before it became Express for Men.

I will be honest, I hate shopping. I hate going to the mall, going through stores, hoping to come across something that I sort of like, and then paying a lot of money to make it mine and then watch it shrink in the washing machine. I just hate that.

If something is not comfortable, I will not wear it, no matter how fashionable it is. I have found things that I really like, tried them on and realized it was sort of like wearing a straight jacket while being dropped in a pool.

Today I realized that I need to shop. Badly. Maybe I will go this weekend… nah, I will wear my jeans with holes in them for a little longer.


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