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I am at a point now where the politics of this country have become so skewed and unrecognizable that I am ready to give up on the system. On one side we have the political left, the democrats, who have made every attempt to take any issue and make it a political stance. On the other side we have the political right, the neo-con, a term I hate. They have a habit of not living up to their word or fully educating themselves about the issues.

The problem that I see now though, is that it is just a back and forth between both parties to try and smear the other one. There is no honor in any of this and the people who fully support either side are ignorant to the simple truths of this mud-slinging that is doing nothing for our country. I can say that I am disappointed with the way the Republican party has handled certain issues but I am more disappointed in the fact that both sides just point fingers instead of trying to actually work through the issues.

What is the most disturbing thing is the audacity of posters on the internet who so adamantly attack the president without knowing all of the facts, or knowing them and simply ignoring them. Let’s get one thing straight, Congress voted to go to war in Iraq based on the same information that President Bush was using to make a decision to go to war. It wasn’t President Bush taking the information he was giving and massaging it to get Congress to vote his way. There were emotions running high in Congress and the vote reflected those emotions.

My plea now is for former President Clinton and his wife to keep their mouths quiet unless what they say is actually constructive for this country.

So for now, I’ll continue to be a moderate.


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