Info ~ travel musings for the masses, a project that Blake and I have been working on for a while now went live a couple of weeks ago. I have delayed talking about it because there were a few things in the site we were changing up and even though it was live, it was more of a live beta than anything else.

The site is still getting tweaked with features being added nightly. We have developed a rolling schedule for getting things to work and cool features and so far it has been smooth sailing.

The center feature of the site is babysitter management. This is not a central database of all the babysitters in the country. This is a management tool centered around helping parents manage their babysitting needs and helping babysitters make the most of their time. Parents and/or babysitters sign up for the site and invite more parents and/or babysitters, who are in turn added to their network. If a parent needs to go out one night during the week, they add a “job” to the system and select which babysitters (in their network) that they would like to inform. The babysitters then receive an e-mail and a text message, if they so choose, that lets them know there is a new available job. The first babysitter to accept the job gets it. If all the parent’s babysitters decline a job, the parent can request babysitters from other parents (in their network).

It is a pretty nifty system and once it gets rolling I think it will really take off.


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