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I recently changed the company I am consulting for and have found myself in a scene out of Office Space.

It’s an open concept type of office, with half cubicles. The lighting is awful, with a lot of people enjoying the dark, dank feeling that a programmer usually does. A lot of the overhead lights are actually disconnected.

Before I talk about the next part thing I am going to post a disclaimer. I have no problem with foreign workers, I have no problem with them working here. I do have a problem when they do not speak English within the walls of the company. I consider this place a place of “Code Pushing”. Most of the developers here are foreigners who are just staying here long enough to save up some money to go back to their countries of origin. What does this lead to? Crappy code. These programmers do not care about code quality, the design of their work, etc. Instead, they care about getting their paycheck and rolling out the software.

As a result of all of this they have hired me and four others to fix all of the bugs in the multiple systems that the company has. Frustrating. It is an inadequate working environment. I have a 15″ monitor which is horrible for looking at stored procedures that span across multiple pages.


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