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This crisis in the Middle East has befuddled me. Not so much the crisis, but the reactions that people and countries are giving.

Death in any situation is sad, however, people need to think about what is at stake here. Israel has to uphold their values, which is that they do not negotiate with terrorist and they get their soldiers back. The deaths that have occurred while tragic were caused by Hezbollah. They are known to locate their areas of operation within heavily populated civilian areas in hopes to discourage air strikes. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization and the Lebanese people do not understand that they are the source of Lebanon’s current situation.

If Hezbollah returned the soldiers and stood down from firing rockets into Israel, we would see this crisis come to an end. Yet people blame Israel and accuse them of overreacting. What? What would other countries do? Russia, in its current fight against the rebels in Chechnya are known to go in and wipe out entire blocks of neighborhoods, yet no other countries complain. Blows my mind.


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