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I am flipping through the channels right now and there is a show that is about who’s the best dancer, who’s the best singer while you watch their real life, who has the most talent, and who’s the best rockstar. What gives?

It used to be just American Idol and that was fine, now it’s just a lot of crap spanned across multiple channels. I stopped on “The One” just to see what it was about and of course they were doing a poor job of paying homage to a classic. They were singing Foreigner’s “Feels Like the First Time” and it sounded alright, but that’s not the point. The song is a ballad, and was meant to have the electric guitar behind it with the full “symphonic” band playing along. These shows performing these songs just don’t the music justice.

And people wonder why we are inundated with crappy music. It’s because of these shows. People think they’re producing great artists but all they are doing is giving us more canned music.

Now a girl is on this show and she has a decent voice but she’s wearing a skimpy number and I think the whole point of her performance is to get some T&A on the screen to draw in some viewers.



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