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My truck bit the dust yesterday. Coming out of class and getting into my truck, I turned the key and just got continuous revving, no turnover. I try again, nothing. I go to the back of my truck and pull out my trusty hammer.

Laying underneath the truck and give the starter a few whacks, hoping that just maybe, it was caught. I try starting it again, nothing. So, I do some more narrowing down of what the problem could be and then call a friend to come pick me up.

Around 8pm I leave my group meeting and walk back to the parking lot to have the truck towed. The tow truck arrives and because of the closeness of the parking lot we have to push the truck out. A student who had been working out at the rec sees what we are doing and runs over to help. We talk for a while and he says, “Are you going to need a ride?”. I was a little shocked and told him that yes, I needed a ride to the place where they were taking my truck.

On the way to the car care place I tell him that he needs to give me his number so that I can pay him back for his gas (or something to say thanks). He tells me no and doesn’t let me insist, instead he says to me, “Where I’m from we have no problem dropping what we’re doing to help others”.

There are still some good folks in the world.


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