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Today I received a phone call from the phone number 305-503-8068 but when I picked up, the call ended. I tried calling the number back but received a pre-recorded menu in Spanish. I hit “9” for the operator and was greeted by a Spanish speaking one. Not knowing enough Spanish to have a full conversation I tried to convey that they should not call me again (this has happened before).

After getting off of the phone I looked up the number by simply typing it into Blingo. I came upon this. It gives some useful information and I will probably follow through and report the number to the provider.

This is just frustrating, having to pay for a 1 second call on my cellphone. Spam was once a problem but that’s easy to filter, it is much more difficult to filter phone calls, just because it is so easy to get a phone number and use it for something like this. The way it works is that these scams wait for your answering machine to pick up, then they leave a pre-recorded message (usually in Spanish). It is illegal to do this but most people do not know this or how to go about handling it.

To put it simply, report the number using


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