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An interesting conversation took place tonight. It was a conversation about faith, beliefs, Christianity, evolution, and creationism.

I am a Christian. I believe in Creationism as the cornerstone as to how the Earth was formed and how we as humans came to exist. My thoughts on evolution are that yes, evolution occurs, but not on the scale to form new species. I believe that we see evolution in the level of melatonin in people’s skin depending on where they live or the height of a population depending on their diet.

In the conversation this evening, I was asked if I believed in life elsewhere than on Earth. That’s a question that I cannot answer and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Space is huge and so is God, so who knows, but quite honestly, who cares? Does it really matter? What would occur if life was found elsewhere?

For years scientists have been touting that they have found ice particles on different planets and that these may be the keys to the foundation of life. Yet, everytime, that’s all we hear about it. We are told that conditions on different planets or moons are perfect for life to form, but that’s all we get, never a follow-up with “Yes! We’ve found life!”. This strikes me as odd, and as possible proof that we might be the only ones out here.

I may not be able to back up everything that I say with fact or scripture, but I still will stand up for what I believe in. Most of the time in conversations that I have with people, they use convoluted logic or “facts” that they received from Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. The produce no real argument, yet criticize my thoughts because I stand for them so firmly.

I am not saying all people are like this. Not at all. There are just a certain few that do it. The same goes for Christians as well. If we push and push, we end up just pushing people away. I have learned that if I listen to people and their thoughts and reasoning behind it, I can better relate, and the more willing they become to listen to me. I am not here to shove Christianity down people’s throats, I am merely here to share it when the time is right.


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