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I have been reflecting a lot on the last four years here in school. When I graduate in a month there are things that I will just miss being around. The skipping class to eat lunch with a bunch of friends, the “dates” every week to watch a TV show, and the ability to hop in my car and be five minutes away from seeing my friends.

All of these sentimental reflections have led me to think about what would truly be my dream job.

I want to travel the world, even to places no one really wants to go, like the most impoverished areas of Africa. I want to make some kind of difference in any way I can. The only jobs that I could think of that would allow me to do those things are journalist, Peace Corps worker, or a photographer.

I have never had formal photography training but I love it. If I could do one thing, it would be to take pictures all over the world of events that are affecting the area.


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