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The trip to Lubbock is usually an uneventful journey. You get in your car, you stop four hours into the trip, refill your tank, and start again. Today was completely different.

To begin with, the weather was just plain weird. Heavy fog, then low hanging clouds, then intermittent rain (I’ll come back to that), it was just too much.

About 10 minutes outside of Caldwell Courtney and I witnessed an accident involving a truck overturning. I think the weather mixed with pretty heavy traffic probably caused it. The guy involved was ok, just a little shaken up.

The effect of the recent outbreak of wildfires in the area was pretty easy to see. There were fields that were charred black and large chunks of what is usually thick brush were cleared to keep fires from occurring. The good news is the rain. Lubbock has finally had a significant rainfall. This is the first time in almost a year that we have had measureable precipitation and it is a beautiful thing.

That’s about all of the updating I can do tonight, my body is just beat.


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