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As a follow-up to this, I have found that lawmakers in Austin have asked for the busts to be reviewed.

In the article, alcohol related fatalities for the age group of 15-20 is cited as a reason for the recent crackdown. What? This age group has nothing to do with arresting people at bars. Why? Because they can’t go!!

Sometimes I really wonder…

Why are people like this guy allowed anywhere a radio station?

Baldwin has tried to show his political stance but has ended up making comments such as “Stoning Henry Hyde” and “Cheney is a terrorist”. It must be ignorance and proves why we should not allow movie/tv stars to talk about politics. Baldwin went as far as to call Sean Hannity

Well, it has made national news, TABC is arresting people for being “drunk” in bars.

I usually would not have an issue with this but recently they seem to be crossing the line. There is a difference between arresting people who are a danger to themselves and others and arresting people who have only had a few drinks. Under current statutes TABC and police officers are allowed to make judgment calls when determining when someone is intoxicated. This means that though you may not be legally intoxicated (.08 BAC) the officers are within their jurisdiction to arrest you if

In February of 2004, I wrote about reading the book “Flags of Our Fathers” and the impact that it had on me.

From the looks of it, there will be a film based on the book. Directed by Clint Eastwood and having Barry Pepper as a lead character, gives me hope that this film will do the book justice.

Barry Pepper’s portrayal of “Jackson” in Saving Private Ryan was flawless and really pointed out the state of religion in our country at the time and how individual soldiers dealt with the carnage and death that they saw everyday.

I really do have high hopes for the movie and I don’t think it will let me down.

Today I watched “Inside Man“, a movie directed by Spike Lee. I cannot say much about the content of the movie without giving too much of the story away but I will say it is worth seeing.

If you enjoy a suspense driven story and a lot of good actors then this movie is definitely what you are looking for.

I will say that I figured out a big chunk of the story about halfway through, but that’s because of my knowledge of certain areas of history. Other than that the story was well thought out, fairly original, and interesting. The actors, especially Denzel Washington and Clive Owen (though you do not see much of his face), were fantastic. There is a lot of back story and motives that they leave to your imagination and of course there are little “easter eggs” thrown in throughout. It was a very enjoyable movie to sit through and I will probably watch it again when it comes out on DVD.

If you come home in the middle of the day and your roommate is watching television, don’t walk into your room, turn on the radio full blast and leave your doors open. Everyone benefits.

To me this just seems like a common courtesy. Maybe that’s just me. Especially if it’s NPR. If I wanted to listen to NPR I would not be watching television. ugh… just been one of those days. Thank God it’s Friday.

This morning I received a call from a “PRIVATE” number and decided to let it go to the voicemail.

After they left a message, which was a good sign, I listened and found, to my surprise that it was a woman who had come across my resume from and was interested in talking to me.

I put my resume up a few months ago just to see what kind of response I would get and so far it has been nill. Now, from the little research that I have done on the company that she worked for it looks as though it may be a recruiting agency. I am going to give them a call later today and get the full scoop.

Tomorrow an assignment is due in which we are supposed to tell which Simpsons character we most relate to. I have to tell you, it is tough.

On one hand, I think that I am a lot like Homer but then again, I’m not that mentally “dull”. I am a little like Bart because I have a mischievous side, but I am not really that bad.

There are a few other characters that I am somewhat like but I am not really sure if they are completely fitting. Geez, I hate assignments like this!

I did not win just a second ago, but this morning, I received confirmation that I had won a $10 iTunes gift certificate. Pretty sweet!

You can use Blingo just like any other search engine (it’s powered by Google) and every time you search you have the possibility of winning a prize.

Check it out!

The trip to Lubbock is usually an uneventful journey. You get in your car, you stop four hours into the trip, refill your tank, and start again. Today was completely different.

To begin with, the weather was just plain weird. Heavy fog, then low hanging clouds, then intermittent rain (I’ll come back to that), it was just too much.

About 10 minutes outside of Caldwell Courtney and I witnessed an accident involving a truck overturning. I think the weather mixed with pretty heavy traffic probably caused it. The guy involved was ok, just a little shaken up.

The effect of the recent outbreak of wildfires in the area was pretty easy to see. There were fields that were charred black and large chunks of what is usually thick brush were cleared to keep fires from occurring. The good news is the rain. Lubbock has finally had a significant rainfall. This is the first time in almost a year that we have had measureable precipitation and it is a beautiful thing.

That’s about all of the updating I can do tonight, my body is just beat.