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Today on the main thoroughfare that runs on the south side of campus there was an accident that involved a jaywalker. The jaywalker was not injured in the accident but contributed to it happening.

Across from campus there is a lot roadside parking available. Now, the students that park there do not usually walk to a crosswalk, instead they choose to cross the street where they get out of their cars and play “Frogger” with oncoming traffic. I have always thought this was dangerous and today my theory was proven. It is hard to see these jaywalkers when they come out from behind cars and when you are driving 40 mph it’s even harder to stop.

The jaywalkers try to judge the speed of oncoming traffic but sometimes there are cars that can’t be seen or a car suddenly speeds up. Don’t jaywalk, it’s not worth getting hit on your way to class and it is only a few hundred feet to the nearest crosswalk.


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