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The trip to Dallas this weekend was great. I left Thursday afternoon for an “interview” with protiviti in the area of technology risk. My arrival at DFW was met with a limousine. Now, I have never been picked up at the airport by a limo so I had no idea how to proceed. The driver was very nice and told me that I didn’t have to do anything but give him my bags. He took me to the Hilton Suites in Addison and I spent some time at the Dallas Galleria, which was right across the street.

The “interview” turned out to be more of a, me interviewing the company, type event and I learned a lot about what I would be doing. The office is located in Addison on the Lyndon B. Johnson highway and the whole area is very nice. The trip went well and I arrived back in Lubbock in time for the football game against A&M.

But, my travels aren’t over just yet. I fly back to Dallas tomorrow for a different interview with ARGO Data Resources also located in Addison. I am really interested in the interview because this company writes banking software for just about every major bank in the U.S.

But I’m still not done traveling after that. I will be in Austin from Thursday till Saturday interviewing with National Instruments and then in Dallas one last time interviewing with Software Architects. It’s a lot of travel but I’m enjoying it so far.


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