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A few questions were asked of me this evening, like what I thought of the hurricane and my home. I answered that this whole thing is surreal. I am 500 miles from my house and to think that the city I grew up in could be destroyed, partially or completely, just blows my mind.

My mom has finally made it to a shelter in Evant, TX (sorry, I’m not in the mood to link tonight). I know that a lot of people do not believe in prayer or even God but I do and I am sure that that is what opened this door for my mom. Had this shelter not been an option she would be sleeping on the side of the road somewhere in the Hill Country. It’s truly a blessing and by early evening tomorrow she should finally be in Lubbock. 18 hours of driving has had to have taken its toll.

Lubbock has already received three planes full of evacuees and more are sure to come. Will I help? If they need my help I will definitely be up there bright and early to lend a hand. I guess you could say this storm is a little more personal and I have some tie to it.

I still can’t believe what we are going to witness tomorrow evening.


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