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After a “yawner” of a game against Sam Houston State University, we are back in the news with ESPN stating that “Sure, USC scores 70 and everyone applauds. But the team that specializes in scoring? Nothing … until now. Cody Hodges and Texas Tech are among Craig James’ early season surprises.”. With a paid subscription you can read the full article here.

It was a great win for Tech, with 80 points being scored, even with the 3rd string in. Hodges has shown his might as a QB and with rising star Johnson at wide receiver there are even more options for the defense to be confused by.

Texas Tech, along with California, may be “sleeper” teams that have a chance to make to the national championship. With Texas being our main worry this year, if we can defeat them in Austin our odds at getting a national championship bid or just a plain old BCS bid would greatly increase.

This season for the Red Raiders is going to get interesting very quickly.


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