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The first few weeks of school have been, to say the least, hectic. I am done volunteering with the evacuees as a lot of them have either found permanent housing in Lubbock or gone to live with relatives. It was an interesting experience and I am proud to have had the chance to do something to help those whose lives were turned upside down by the hurricane.

As far as classes go none of them seem very hard at all, there are just a few that are time consuming with stacks of paperwork for each of them.

Right now I am just trying to gather my thoughts and wrap my mind this idea: making money from homebrewed software while being a full time student.

I have had a few ideas for software on the backburner and I do not know whether to proceed with them or wait until I get out of school. My main concern has been providing support and maintenance once the software was released. I have spent many an evening trying to figure out the time commitments needed to create, support, and maintain the software but I do not really have any solid numbers.

Why am I confronting this now? Since I am a full time student and there are not a whole lot of technology related jobs in the area I am struggling for money. No I am not broke, there are just some needs and wants that I cannot afford. The Google AdSense ads are not cutting it and having to make $100 before they send you a check does not help.

This is basically the conundrum that I am stuck in now. Hopefully the time I take planning it out tonight will be well spent.


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