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We still do not know the devastation that Katrina has wreaked on the southern states. It will probably be weeks before we have any kind of idea as to what the actual toll is. The situation is dire now and it is amazing to me the road that some people have chosen to take. This article just about made me sick to my stomach. How can people have the nerve to say that this is “the man sticking it to the African Americans of this region”? In my meteorology classes I don’t remember hurricanes being on the list of weather events that are racist (apparently tornadoes hate people in trailer parks).

Everyone in that region has been effected by this storm. Everyone is suffering. Even the people who have shelter are suffering. Yes, the conditions are bad in New Orleans but shooting at helicopters and ripping off TVs from appliance stores does not help the situation.

The evacuation order was given a full day before the storm. In that day people could have walked, yes walked out of the path of this storm and been better off.

Please, do not take this post as being unsympathetic because I am. I feel horrible for these people and cannot imagine the pain that they are experiencing. I just cannot understand why some people choose to rape, pillage, and loot while people die in the streets. I do not understand why there is already a lawsuit being talked about because of “race” issues. It all seems a little ludicrous to me.

Visit to donate money to help these people in need. Any amount will help.


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