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I have not made a political post in a while so I thought I’d heat things up a bit.

Israeli soldiers have begun to forcibly evict settlers in the Gaza Strip. Ariel Sharon has said that the pull out from Gaza will bring peace to the region, I beg to differ. I would wager a good sum of money that we will see an attack by one of the Palestinian groups (Hamas, Hezbollah, etc.) some time in the next 2-3 months.

This pullout, nor any of the future planned pullouts will satisfy Palestinian organizations. They will move into Gaza and then complain that there is not enough water or there is famine. To me it sounds like a personal problem. You wanted the Israelis out and you got what you wanted, now you are on your own.

Yes the Gaza pullout looks good for the short-term, but is anyone thinking long term? The Palestinian people will not be satisfied until Israel is given to them, which will not happen.


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