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I was greeted this morning by a guy here at work that I really enjoy talking to. His personality reminds me of my brother minus some of the antics.

We started chatting about how my application testing was going and I mentioned that I was getting ready to turn it over to a co-worker as I prepare to leave and he said “Maybe it could be a source of income while at school”… I do not know exactly what that means but if he’s wanting me to do this while I’m at school and pay me for it then I am fine with that.

I am going to try and talk to him some more before the day is over and see what he really meant. I would be willing to work on more of this application testing stuff. I have learned a lot about how the software works and how to apply it in certain situations and I now have intricate knowledge in how the application I am testing works so I know when some things are supposed to break (controlled) and when they just flat out fail.

It is an interesting proposition and if given the chance I’d probably continue to do it.


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