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Does anyone else have problems with their iPod’s clickwheel sometimes not doing what it is supposed to do? Mine seems to work intermittently, sometimes not scrolling through the menus and sometimes not clicking. I have reset my iPod about four times since I bought it and I am probably going to take it in to the Apple store and get it looked at. I will probably buy the AppleCare Protection Plan as well, just as a safety measure for the coming years.

Another small problem I have been having is the iPod not updating the album art. I will rip a new CD, select all of the songs, right-click, choose “Info”, and add the album art. I plugin the iPod after doing this and it tells me the iPod is updating, then it gives me an error about the artwork. I have been unable to find the error on Apple’s website and I have not found any answers on third party sites. It is pretty frustrating but not super important, I just like seeing the artwork when playing a song or album.


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