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I am sure that most Americans watched the President speak at Fort Bragg or if they didn’t they caught a recap of it on a national network. To be honest, I am not a fan of Bush’s public speaking, it’s not his best quality. However, I don’t see that as a reason to bash the guy. Not everyone can speak well in public places, so what.

About Iraq and terrorism. Those who don’t believe that there was and now is a terrorist presence in Iraq are horribly misinformed. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has had a presence in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria since before the Iraq war. He was actually a “competitor” to al-Queda till he decided that to further his cause he needed to partner with bin Laden.

We have people talking about how poverty/AIDS need to be dealt with yet the suffering of a people is no big deal. Last time I took a philosophy or political science class I could have sworn they taught me that poverty in the U.S. and the world is a necessity and cannot be stomped out. For society to work, there has to be an inbalance, it’s basic. The level of inbalance is dependent on the type of society and the level of autonomy the people have over their own lives. A movie star can think whatever they like about helping a few hundred people in a village in Africa but their actions, no matter what amount of input/cash they have from the outside are not going to affect the entire world. Am I say it’s wrong to help the needy? No, of course not. Help them any way you can but saying that it should be the “number one priority” is a little much.

People will say that helping a single child is a “huge victory” and you know what, that’s fine. It’s kind of like a bunch of people saying that finding a single rocket in Iraq that contained nerve gas. The only difference of course is the people who heard about the rocket being found shot it down as not being a big deal and saying things like “It’s just one rocket”…

If you are against the campaign in Iraq, ask yourself why. Is it because it’s cool to be different and rebel against something? Attacking Bush’s words is the manly thing to do. Why not attack policy with fact? Respecting morality does not necessarily mean “believing in Jesus”, it means not killing innocent women and children because you believe in chaos. There is a difference between fighting American troops and blowing yourself up outside of a school.

Can there be a free society in Iraq? Yes. Why is this so difficult for people to understand? A free society does not mean free from crime or terrorist problems. It means freedom from oppression, which, last time I checked, under Saddam the Iraqi people weren’t very free from oppression. As an example the Israeli’s and for the most part the Palestinians live free from oppression yet they still deal with terrorism everyday. The Iraqi people want to govern themselves, they have made that very clear. The only thing standing in their way is the simple fact that there is a number of people who want chaos and death to the rule country. They will have no power if a government comes to place, so their best bet is to try and stop it. This isn’t about terrorists fighting Americans because if it were, there would be a lot less Iraqi deaths and a lot more American ones. They are killing people who want to bring structure to the nation, policemen, governors, ambassadors, and people standing in line to sign up for a government job.

These people don’t want a structured government to come to Iraq because it can and will (if you know anything about Middle Eastern politics) stir up problems in other nations. People in other countries will realize that it is possible to have a free society in a very religious part of the world where there are religious rules and regulations. They will stand up for themselves and there are people who do not want that.

And please, for the last time, would people please stop saying that this is a “Christian vs. Muslim” thing. I’m tired of it. You know and I know that this is not about religion.


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